The countdown begins to celebrate the 10th European Researchers’ Night in Madrid , which will be hosted for another year by the IMDEA Food Institute. In this edition, the activity “NutriScape Room: Discover the enigmas of nutrigenetics” will take place, which combines food, health and art. It will take place next Friday, September 27

Participants will be “trapped” in the Museum of Nutrition, where they will have to compete to find clues and manage to decipher the enigmas of the complex equation that combines genetics and nutrition on which our quality and life expectancy depend.

The activity is a new commitment to scientific dissemination, in a disruptive format in which IMDEA Food will bring the research work of the institute closer to the participants. The central theme of the activity will be Precision Nutrition, trying to show what this new discipline consists of and making society aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet in daily life.

The first contact and necessary base to discover the ins and outs of the NutriScape Room will be to visit the Interactive Nutrigenomics Center (CIN) of IMDEA Food, where participants will learn about key aspects of Nutritional Genomics, a science composed of nutrition and genetics.

This exhibition is a didactic space, where through different audiovisual and interactive elements, the visitor can learn more about himself, his biology and how to use this information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our life expectancy and its quality result from a complex equation that combines genetic and environmental factors, among which nutrition is an essential and modifiable component with a great impact on genetic regulation. Thus, food interacts with our genes and their programming, and this interaction also influences the way in which our body responds to food and the development or prevention of some diseases.

During the NutriScape Room at Night, participants will have to solve a series of tests to escape the Museum of Nutrition, using previously acquired knowledge about precision nutrition and relating it to different pieces of art. The activity will last one hour and will take place in different shifts between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The exhibition will take a tour of art samples, both pictorial and sculptural, that have some kind of relationship with food and health, with a nod to Personalized Nutrition. In the works in the exhibition, prestigious artists have drawn, sometimes unwittingly, the problem of diseases related to food. In addition, the Museum will feature busts of philosophers and intellectuals from classical culture that shaped the first expressions related to Personalized Nutrition.

Throughout the tour, participants will be able to learn the fundamentals of the food-health binomial and the bases of Personalized Nutrition. A playful experience so that everyone involved is aware of the value of nutrition in human health and its impact on genetics.

In addition, several scientists from the Institute will accompany the participants, to offer them first-hand information, which will help them solve the various escape room tests and share their vital experience as researchers.

We will wait for you!

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