Chrono Sport

Genetic test related to the body processes that determine your sports performance


  • To improve sports performance
  • Training recommendations based on your genetic profile
  • Help to improve your specific body composition
  • Information about your risk of certain injuries



Genetic test related to body processes that affect wellbeing during aging


  • To enhance your healthy aspects and combat harmful ones
  • Guidelines to help you improve body composition
  • Personalized activities to maintain optimal health




Genetic test related to predisposition for sports performance aimed to child and youth population, as well as other factors closely related to sports, such as metabolism and individual biorhythm

  • To improve sports performance in children.
  • Genetic predisposition to risk of injury.
  • Metabolic regulation in child development.
  • Nutrigenetic recommendations related to biorhythm to improve the organism’s physiological functions


What do we offer you?


In a simply way you will benefit from scientific knowledge in genetics, nutrition and health developed in very expensive research projects.

Your DNA variation

Find out how your DNA variations affect your health and fitness.

The best of you

Know the strengths that your genes provide you and enhance them. Know your weaknesses and counter them.

Your optimal diet

Discover your optimal diet according to your genetics

Your Achilles' heel

Know your injury and recovery profile

And how does it work?


We send the kit to your home


Follow the instructions for the sample collection that we will use for the analysis.


Sending and receiving the sample


In our laboratories we analyze your genetic profile


We prepare your report with specific nutrition and lifestyle guidelines

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