1. Purchase and shipping

Once you have bought the product on the web, you will receive the sample collection kit within a few days and at the place you indicate.

2. Sample collection

In your kit you will find everything you need to carry out the saliva collection, as well as detailed instructions to guide you through each step.

3. Shipping and receiving

A courier will arrive at the place you indicate us to send your sample to our laboratories. The courier costs are already included in the kit.

4. Sample analysis

With your oral scraping sample, we will collect genetic material, specifically deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from the cells adhered to the swab that you used to collect the sample. With this, we will analyze specific regions of the genetic material that affect the genes related to the biological processes involved in health and our personal predisposition for different events.

5. Create your report

Once the analysis is completed, you can download the genetic report with the recommendations according to your genetics.

Chrono Sport

Genetic test and sports report

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations
  • Training recommendations based on your genetic profile
  • Help to improve your specific body composition
  • Information about your risk of certain injuries

250€ 220€




Genetic test and health report

  • Personalized nutrition and health recommendations based on your genetic profile
  • Guidelines to help you improve body composition
  • Helps to optimize health
  • Tips for determining nutrient needs

250€ 220€