The Valencia Conference Center will host on November 14 and 15 the world event of the year in terms of longevity and healthy aging: Longevity World Forum, sponsored by IMDEA Food, among other entities

“Longevity World Forum was born as a meeting point for the scientific, academic and industry communities, so that specialists from different fields can share their advances on human longevity, as well as develop new therapies with the aim of increasing the life expectancy and improve its quality ”, as detailed on their website.

Broadly speaking, it is a pioneering congress at a global level where the latest scientific advances in human longevity will be addressed, whose objective is to improve the quality of life and the prevention of diseases related to aging.

The Longevity World Forum will bring together numerous world leaders from the scientific community and leading professionals in the sectors involved, who will do a sharing around different round tables. This will be the case of, for example, Manuel Serrano (PhD & ICREA professor – Institute Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona and Precision Nutrition and Aging Program Director at IMDEA Food) or Rafael de Cabo (Chief of the Translational Gerontology Branch at the National Institute of Aging, Baltimore and Group Leader of Nutritional Interventions at IMDEA Food), among others.

The 2019 edition is divided into four main thematic streams:

Knowing Longevity: An exposition of the most advanced research currently being done in the field of longevity.
Innovation in longevity R + D + i – The role of the industry: space for leading companies in the field of longevity, which will explain the services they are already offering, the applications for different diseases and the treatments available for patients.
Socio-economic aspects of longevity – Towards a longer society: analysis of the social and economic effects, both advantages and challenges, implied by a society with an increasing life expectancy.
Guidelines for healthy aging: presentations by leading professionals in the field of longevity who will offer guidelines for a longer life expectancy in the best possible health conditions.
In summary, the Longevity World Forum will focus on scientific innovation related to increased longevity and quality of life, as well as healthy aging. In addition, the latest research that is currently being carried out in the fields related to longevity, such as biomedicine and biotechnology, will be discussed, as well as the socio-economic effects that a society with an ever-increasing life expectancy implies.

Registration to attend the second edition or enjoy the streaming service from anywhere in the world is open on the official website:


The IMDEA Food Institute is a public research institute funded by the Regional Government of Madrid, whose objective is to carry out research and innovation activities in the field of Nutrition, Food and Health. Its hallmark is the study of the relationship between genes and nutrients with special incidence in the study of metabolism and the prevention of chronic diseases with high incidence in the population such as: cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer and other pathologies related to the aging.

The Institute has reached a staff of close to 100 people, acting as a node for attracting talent, since it has integrated researchers from very diverse origins in Spain and abroad who carry out a scientific production with an impact that is yet to be seen. above the average for Spanish research centers.

All researchers at the IMDEA Food Institute aim to develop translational research lines in food, nutrition and health, which allow them to identify nutritional strategies that improve the quality of life of the population. Relying on Molecular Biology, nutrition can be not only preventive but also therapeutic for chronic disease.

In addition to working for health, the IMDEA Food Institute tries to transfer new nutritional strategies to the food industry, as a basis for creating wealth and boosting the economy of our country.

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