Last Friday, December 11, the 2019 and 2020 “Fermina Orduña” Technology Research Awards ceremony took place, where the director of IMDEA Food was awarded. Guillermo Reglero has received the distinction to the Professional Career thanks to his link with the generation, transfer and implementation of scientific advances and innovations in the field of Agri-Food and Health, with a special dedication during the last 30 years to the companies of the region.

In addition, Reglero has carried out approximately 100 R&D projects for companies, and in 2001 he was distinguished with the Archer Daniels Award from the American Oil Chemists Society for the best publication on obtaining bioactive lipids.

The award ceremony was presented by the Minister of Science, Universities and Innovation, Eduardo Sicilia, and the Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, presenting the awards:

-Awarded in the 2019 edition:

“Fermina Orduña” Award for professional career: D. Pedro Guillén.
“Fermina Orduña” Award for young innovators: Mr. Ángelo Gámez.

-Awarded in the 2020 edition:

“Fermina Orduña” Award for professional career: D. Guillermo Reglero.
“Fermina Orduña” Award for young innovators: Mr. Eduardo Jorgensen.

Each type of award has an economic endowment of € 42,000 and tries to raise the social value of the figure of the innovator and his economic contribution.These awards were baptized with the name of ‘Fermina Orduña’ in 2018 honoring the first woman who registered his own invention in Spain in 1865, which consisted of a carriage that transported cattle to sell freshly milked donkey milk at home.

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